My work is accepted by most Law firms, Insurance agencies, Goverments, Museums and Collectors!

Art Appraisals

Art Appraisals  | The J. S. Pearson Company - Baltimore,MD

First of all, we at the J.S. Pearson Company are art-lovers. We love Renaissance, Baroque, Expressionist, Impressionist...

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Antique Appraisals

Antique Appraisals | The J. S. Pearson Company - Baltimore,MD

So you've gone through your grandparents' attic and found boxes and boxes of things that may or may not be valuable. Most of...

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Personal Property Appraisals

Personal Property Appraisals  | The J. S. Pearson Company - Baltimore,MD

And many other articles of personal property. Before you blindly list an item on eBay, or some other internet auction site...

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Welcome To The J. S. Pearson Company

Hello. My name is John S. Pearson and I am an appraiser. I appraise art, antiques, and various items of personal property; I have been doing this since 1977.

I've appraised paintings and sculptures, post cards and letters, ancient weapons and armor, coin collections, stamp collections, baseball card collections; porcelain, glass and furniture. You name it, I've appraised it.

I am the owner of the J.S. Pearson Company and since 1977 I have been appraising all manner of art, antiques, and personal property. During my 35-plus years of appraisal experience, my clients have included law firms, insurance agencies, governments, museums, and collectors. I have appraised historic houses and clubs, government buildings, museums, and individual collections; I have appraised collections and single items. No job is too big or too small for me, the J.S. Pearson Company.

At the J.S. Pearson Company, we specialize in the appraisal of art, antiques, and personal property of all types, which include paintings, sculptures, folk art, public and private collections, historic buildings, and all manner of personal property.

Our work has been accepted by banks, law firms, government agencies, clubs, collectors, state courts and the United States Internal Revenue Service. I am a professor of art history in Baltimore, Maryland, and if you need an appraisal, whether for fine art, antiquities, or personal property, call me. I am confident that there is no one in the Baltimore, Maryland area who has more experience, knowledge, or on-hands experience than I in the art of appraisal. Call me today for more information.

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